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Africa Islamic Propagation Center

Welcome to The Africa Islamic Propagation Center


The Africa Islamic Propagation Center is a non-profit institution with the sole purpose of spreading the message of Islam and
bring together people through events not of their control but through the greatness of the one and only omnipotent Allah. The
centers mission is to introduce, revert, teach and strengthen the spirit of worship of Allah as enshrined in the message of the Holy
Qur’an. The center is a vehicle for peace and transformation of lives and be a place of refuge to all those in need of spiritual.

Since the inception we are very grateful to our creator, that well over 3500 people across the South African racial divide have embraced Islam at the center. The new Muslims include children, adults both male and female with a large number being indigenous South Africans from the Xhosa and other local tribes in the region. A substantial number of people from the diaspora who are refugees from Zimbabwe, Congo, Malawi and Angola have also embraced Islam at the center. The center will be a vehicle of transformation and a source of knowledge to the reverted Muslims who need constant guidance and teaching so they can truly imbibe the Islamic way of life.


Our goals are to:


  • Establish and cement lslamic fundamentals and principles among the ethic populations of South Africa.
  • Envisage a society of justice, honesty and morality among different ethnocentric groups.
  • To establish Islam diverse cultures and ethnic origin.
  • Eradicate the prevalence of crime, drug abuse and poverty within societies.
  • Facilitate and propagate slam through persuasion and forums where Islamic fundamentals and principles are outlined to all regardless of race or creed.
  • To establish satellite centers throughout South Africa especially under developed and rural areas that are often
    neglected in order to become a tool for social and economic transformation and upliftment.
  • Islamic Propagation and missionary work in urban, rural, populated and informal communities and settlements.
  • Free distribution of electronic, print and multimedia literature to all people in their mother tongues where possible.
  • Reproduction of print, electronic and multimedia literature in contemporary African Languages.
  • Establish Masjids in areas where there is a concentration of reverted Muslims.
  • To eradicate the prevalence of crime and HIV within African societies through the inculcation of Islamic principles in line with high standards of morality.
  • Conduct and host outreach, educational seminars, workshops and debates highlighting the superiority of Islam
    as a way of life.
  • Training and networking with other organizations throughout Africa with similar activities to achieve the centers desired goals.