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One of the first questions that comes to mind when considering our purpose of life is, “where did we come from?”  Are we here based on random natural coincidences or is there a higher intelligence being, a creator? There are many logical and rational reasons for believing in a creator. Three reasons are briefly mentioned below.

  1. Beginning of the universe

The first evidence that points to the existence of a Creator relates to understanding the origin of the universe.

Imagine walking in a dessert and finding a watch consists of glass, plastic and metal. Glass comes from sand, plastic from oil and metal extracted from the ground – all these components are found in the dessert. Would you believe that the watch formed itself? That the Sun shone, the wind blew, lightning struck, the oil bubbled to the surface and mixed with sand and metal, and over millions of years the watch kame together by random or natural coincidences?

Some may ask “Who created God”? God, the Creator, is different to His Creation. God is eternal, has always existed and has no beginning.

Humans experience and simple logic tells us that something that has a beginning does not simply come from nothing, nor can something create itself.  Therefore, the most rational explanation is that a higher “being” created the universe. This “being” must be powerful and intelligent as it brought the whole universe into existence and created ‘laws of science’ which govern it. We can also reason that this “being” is timeless and not bound by space, because time, space and matter began at the creation of the universe. All of these attributes make up the basic concept of God, the creator of the universe. This is in perfect agreement with modern science which concludes that the universe is finite and has a beginning.

  1. Perfection of the universe

The second evidence that points to the existence of an intelligent creator, God is the order and balance of our complex universe.

Many features in the universe clearly indicate it to be specially designed to support life, such as the earth’s distance from the sun, the thickness of the earth’s crust, the speed at which the earth revolves, the percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere, and even the earth’s tilt. If these measurements were slightly different to what they currently are, life could not exist.

In the same way that a watch has an intelligent maker to keep accurate time, so too must the earth have an intelligent maker to keep accurate time around the sun. Could this occur by itself?

“Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day are signs for those of understanding.” Quran 3:190

When we see the order, precise laws and systems within ourselves and throughout the universe, is it not rational they have an organiser? This ‘organiser’ is again best explained by the existence of God – the one who brought about this order.

  1. Revelation from God

The third evidence that points to the existence of a Creator, God, is the actual revelation that has been sent to humankind as a sign of His existence.  There are clear signs that the book of Islam, the Qur’an, is the word of God.

If God revealed a book of guidance, we would expect it to contain clear evidence of God’s existence.

Below is a brief summary of reasons that support this claim. The Qur’an:

  • Is over 1400 years old and contains many scientific facts that were unknown to people of that time and which have only been discovered recently by science. Examples include: water being the origin the origin of all living things (Qur’an 21:30); the expanding universe (Quran 51: 47); and the individual orbits of the sun and moon (Quran 21:33).
  • Contains many historical facts that were unknown to the people of that time as well as numerous predictions which have proven to be correct.
  • Is free from ant errors or contradictions despite gradual revelation over 23 years and covering a wide variety of topics.
  • Has been preserved, word-for-word, since its revelation in its original Arabic language, unlike other scriptures which no longer exist in their original form.
  • Has a simple, pure and universal message which appeals to Man’s intellect and inherent beliefs about Almighty God.
  • Has a deep and moving effects on people.
  • Was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who was known to be illiterate, yet contains a unique style of language that is universally known as the pinnacle of Arabic eloquence and linguistic beauty.

The most rational explanation for many unique and miraculous aspects of the Quran is that it is from God.

God sends guidance

Upon on acknowledging that we have been created by the All-Wise, Creator, God, we would expect to be informed of our purpose. How can we know what God expects from us? Do we live on a trial or error, make our own purpose?  Do we “go with the flow” by following others? No. God sent Prophets and revelations to inform us of our purpose.

God sent thousands of Prophets, at least one to every nation with same message: to worship God alone and to follow His guidance. They included Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad (peace be upon them all).

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), the last in the chain of Prophets, was the perfect example of an honest, just compassionate and brave human being. He was sent with the final revelation from God, the Quran, to demonstrate how its teachings should be applied.

Jesus, like all the other Prophets, performed miracles and called to the worship of The One true God. Quran 19:36

The Quran is the book of guidance and explains many concepts such as the purpose of our existence; who God is; the actions liked and disliked by God; the stories of the Prophets and their lessons; accounts of Heavens, Hell, and the Day of judgement. It aims to clarify misunderstandings about the nature of God, such as clarifying the nature and role of Jesus compared to the nature of God.