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Who are Muslims?

Over 1 billion people from a variety of races, nationalities and cultures across the globe are united by the common Islamic faith. They are commonly referred to as Muslims.

Muslim is an Arabic word, it is neither a title nor a personal name. It only means that one does everything the Almighty orders him/her to do. Any human being obeying and submitting to the Will of the CREATOR is called a Muslim.

No matter wherever you are from (Africa, Asia, America, Europe and Oceania), if you obey the commandments of the Almighty, you are known as a Muslim. Therefore to be a Muslim it is not to become an Arab or an Indian.

Muslims believe in:

-Allah , the One true God (His existence, oneness and uniqueness)

-His angels (who are is creation and)

-His revealed Books.

-His Prophets and Messengers

-The last day (DAY OF RECKONING)

-AL-QADAR (The destiny, Good or Bad)